Dental Braces or Invisalign Braces – Which Should You choose?

CS Aesthetics   •   Dec 2019

The short answer is that you should choose what’s right for you, weighing up what your dentist recommends for the health of your teeth. To help you choose between metal dental braces and Invisalign braces, here are some of the pros of each treatment.

Dental braces or Invisalign braces are often recommended for correcting complex issues with teeth and jaws. Each treatment can help to straighten misaligned teeth and solve bite problems. The use of braces is considered a specialist orthodontist treatment, but you’re here to find out what’s right for you… dental braces or Invisalign braces?

1) The advantages of Invisalign braces

Before treatment administered by Invisalign dentist, Dr. Chetan Sharma.After treatment administered by Invisalign dentist, Dr. Chetan Sharma.

Invisalign braces are barely noticeable.

Invisalign braces are considered the best treatment for correcting simple misalignment issues with your teeth. Patients who choose Invisalign braces prefer the treatment because they’re barely visible, giving them the confidence to keep smiling during treatment, whereas traditional, dental braces use unsightly metal wires and brackets.

In our experience, as an approved Birmingham Invisalign dentist, most patients don’t want other people to know they are wearing braces, which makes Invisalign the ideal treatment for you if you’re conscious of the appearance of your smile.

Medically, Invisalign braces can straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth within 3 to 6 months, compared with two or three years when metal dental braces are used.

Practically, Invisalign braces can be removed, which means you can clean your teeth, floss and not worry about breaking a wire.

Metal dental braces require a lot of maintenance and make oral hygiene a little more complicated.

2) The advantages of metal dental braces

Metal dental braces tend to be recommended for more complex issues.

Most orthodontists would recommend metal dental braces for complex issues with teeth and jaw alignment. They are still the most commonly used type of brace.

The key advantage of metal dental braces is that a wire holds them in place, whereas Invisalign braces use a set of computer-generated, clear trays. The trays are subject to movement when in your mouth, which is not ideal for more complex misalignment issues.

Medically, with metal dental braces, you will see signs of improvement fairly quickly.

Practically, you don’t have to worry about too much movement with metal braces, which can prolong treatment.

Choosing between Invisalign braces and metal dental braces

The choice comes down to what is right for your overall oral health. Take advice from your dentist and then go with the option you think will be best for you, long-term.

At CS Aesthetics, we offer a free consultation to discuss the best dental treatment plan for you. We are an approved Invisalign dentist, but we have experience fitting mental dental braces. We always recommend the right treatment to improve your oral health and ensure that you get the smile that you want.

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