What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

CS Aesthetics   •   Jan, 2020

Teeth whitening has many cosmetic and hygienic benefits. If you’re worried about the appearance of your smile, one of the many benefits of teeth whitening is that it will get you smiling with confidence again. Teeth whitening involves no painful dental treatments. It’s a simple procedure that will make your smile sparkle.

The benefits of teeth whitening are many and it is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, especially among celebrities!

You’ve seen Simon Cowell’s teeth, right? Dazzling!

If Mr Cowell can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening, so can you.

However, many have tried home remedies to brighten their smiles, including the classic brushing teeth with baking soda trick.

It’s why many toothpastes that claim to help whiten your teeth contain baking soda. However, scientists have failed to prove that baking soda actually whitens teeth.

Increasingly, people are turning to cosmetic dental treatments to whiten their teeth.

The benefits of teeth whitening treatments include:

1. A self-confidence boost

Teeth whitening works wonders for your self-confidence, helping you to find your smile again and show it off to the world.

A great smile leaves a lasting impression in all areas of your life, whether at work, on a date or that awkward moment when a stranger looks at you and all you can do is smile, whiter teeth will give you the confidence to put your pearly whites on display.

2. Healthier looking teeth

One of the benefits of cosmetic teeth whitening is a healthier looking mouth. Teeth whitening reduces the appearance of stains caused by different types of food and drink.

3. Look more attractive

It might sound vain, but if your teeth look good you look more attractive. In an age of dating sites and apps, if you’re single, bright white teeth could be the difference between finding ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ and someone swiping right.

4. Less noticeable wrinkles

Whiter teeth means that when you smile it becomes the focal point of your face, rather than any wrinkles or frown lines. Even if your wrinkles don’t bother you, whiter teeth will stop people staring at your facial lines.

5. You look friendlier

It could be argued that smiling makes you look friendlier, but not if it’s a strained smile because you’re worried about showing your teeth.

A genuine smile gives you a friendlier, more trustworthy looking face, which can work to your advantage, especially in professional situations when trying to close a big deal or greet customers.

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