Cosmetic White Fillings Birmingham & Wolverhampton

White fillings can be used to treat teeth with decay or unsightly old silver fillings

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of old silver fillings you have in your teeth, or you’re suffering from signs of tooth decay, CS Aesthetics can enhance the appearance of your teeth with white fillings, giving them a more natural look.

Silver fillings can break and crack over time, affecting the tooth it surrounds. We can remove any silver fillings you have, quickly and pain free.

Flawless White Fillings for a Killer Smile

Cosmetic white fillings will put the smile back on your face and boost self-confidence. It’s a really simple, non-invasive procedure that will leave you with a flawless finish that’s indistinguishable from the remaining tooth.

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Teeth before cosmetic white fillings.Teeth after cosmetic white fillings.