Dermal Fillers Birmingham & Wolverhampton

Restore, Enhance and Define Your Features with Dermal Fillers

Our dermal filler treatments are used to treat a range of skin concerns, including lack of volume.

We treat shallow to deep wrinkles and folds, such as smile, marionette and lipstick lines and those on the corners of the mouth, chin, neck, décolletage and hands.

Safe dermal filler treatments

Administered safely and correctly by award-winning facial aesthetics practitioner, Dr Chet, dermal fillers can subtly smooth, soften, contour and tone the skin; restore youthful plumpness, while enhancing and defining your features.

Common treatable areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth grooves)
  • Marionette lines (mouth to chin lines)
  • Cheeks (for contouring and rejuvenating sunken cheeks)
  • Scars and acne marks
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Lips

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Dermal fillers by CS Aesthetics Birmingham.
Dermal fillers by CS Aesthetics Wolverhampton.
Dermal filler treatments by CS Aesthetics Birmingham and Wolverhampton.