Icon White Spot Removal Birmingham & Wolverhampton

Icon is a revolutionary new treatment designed to treat white spots on teeth with no injections and no drills. 

White spots on your teeth can have many causes including a high fluoride intake as a child, childhood illness or trauma to the adult teeth.

Traditionally these white spots would have to be covered with either composite filling material or porcelain veneers. Both of these treatment options usually require drilling and injections to remove the white part of tooth, making them destructive for your teeth.

No Drills or Injections with Icon White Spot Removal

The beauty of Icon white spot removal treatment is that it requires none of these things but using the scientific process of resin infiltration allows the white spot to blend in with the surrounding tooth to provide a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Be proud of your pearly whites with a simple Icon white spot removal treatment.

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Teeth before Icon White Spot Removal treatment.Teeth after Icon White Spot Removal treatment.